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Putting Trainers

Putting Mats

Putting mats are an essential training aid for golfers wishing to sharpen their putting skills at home. The better ones come with a range of features that mimic the intricacies of real putting greens, including offering varying green speeds, slope options, and target markers to simulate different putting challenges. By allowing players to practice at any time, regardless of weather conditions or daylight availability, putting mats facilitate consistent skill development and this contributes to better putting technique, muscle memory, and overall game improvement.

Putting Alignment Mirrors

Stop second-guessing your aim and alignment by practicing with a putting alignment mirror. These products are designed to provide precise feedback on alignment and stroke mechanics. They include alignment guides, laser-etched lines, and strategically placed dots that help golfers establish a consistent setup, target line, and eye position. This helps golfers to develop a more accurate and repeatable putting stroke and helps eliminate alignment-related errors, a common cause of missed putts. By providing immediate visual cues, they help golfers correct their alignment and achieve a more square and accurate setup. Additionally, they encourage proper eye position over the ball.

Putting Tracks

Golf putting tracks, also known as putting arcs, consist of a curved rail or track that guides the putter head through a precise, repeatable arc during the putting stroke. They come equipped with a range of features, including adjustable curvature to simulate various putting conditions and angles, ensuring golfers can practice different types of putts. Putting tracks provide instant feedback on a golfer’s putting stroke, helping to correct any flaws in their path angle. By grooving their stroke on a defined path, golfers can improve their muscle memory and develop a more consistent putting stroke, resulting in more holed putts and fewer three-putt greens.

Putting Lasers

Putting lasers allow golfers to practice their alignment and aim with a level of precision that is hard to achieve through conventional methods. Typically, they consist of a laser system that projects a visible line or target on the putting surface. This immediate and precise feedback on the golfer’s putter face aim and alignment trains players to square the putter face to the target line consistently. Players also develop better visualization of their intended putting line, which, in turn, contributes to a more repeatable stroke and fewer missed putts. 

Putting Cups

Putting cups, particularly those equipped with automatic ball return systems, offer golfers a simple and effective way to practice their putting virtually anywhere. Typically, they feature a target hole that simulates the dimensions of a real golf cup, providing a realistic putting experience. They can be used in the home, office, or even on the putting green. Consistent practice with these devices enhances muscle memory and builds confidence, ultimately leading to improved putting performance on the golf course.

Other Putting Trainers

Many other types of putting trainers are available including:

  • Putting Gates: Used for improving accuracy and alignment during practice.
  • Weighted Putter Trainers: These help golfers develop a smoother, more consistent stroke.
  • Putting Green Books: These assist golfers in reading greens more accurately.
  • Electronic Putting Aids: These use sensors and apps to analyze the player’s putting stroke.
  • Putting String Lines: Used to create a straight putting path and ensure proper alignment. 
  • Pressure Putt Trainers: Simulate pressure and help golfers handle the mental aspect of putting.
  • Putting Gloves and Training Grips: These help golfers achieve the correct grip pressure and wrist positioning during the stroke.

Putting Trainers

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